Hey, I’m Ope

 I’m a Multi-Media designer, content creator, art director and brand expert. I grew up in Nigeria but currently school and work in Toronto, Canada. Growing up, I was always in love with art and how it made life exciting. From fashion, graphics design, photography, music and illustration, I’ve always taken interest in aesthetically pleasing visual experiences which has made me always sort after opportunities in these fields.

As I started my career in the technology industry, I was introduced to the world of graphics design. I decided to pursue a career in it and I enrolled to Humber College to study Media communication where I developed a passion for discovering digital solutions to everyday problems.

In 2021, I started Arc Creative. Arc Creative is a creative collective that tells visual stories for brands. These stories are told by developing timeless, connected and unforgettable concepts for audience to enjoy and resonate with.

My goal is to help companies design beautiful digital products that are simple and intuitive for all kinds of users and establish impactful brand identities